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What's in your fuel tank?

Diesel powered equipment, such as heavy plant equipment, generators and emergency standby pumps etc. rely on having pure, clean diesel fuel in the tank. The ultra-fine tolerances of today's super efficient diesel engines mean they are extremely sensitive to any fuel contamination or fuel quality problems. Fuel is easily contaminated through simple human error, poor fuelling practices and neglect.

Water in fuel is bad news. We all know that water can wreck your fuel injection systems but it can also encourage the growth of "diesel bug" in fuel tanks - a well known phenomenon. A cocktail of bacteria and fungi that will live and thrive in water in your fuel tank, causing growth of slime and chunks of bio-mass which will easily clog your diesel engine filters and cause power failure.

It may sound extreme but some of the most powerful engines and generator systems have been brought to a standstill by something as simple as bacteria.

Diesel Bug.

Diesel Bug.



The absorbent in the Aqua-Zorb water-free cell is an inert, non-toxic chemical formulation designed to achieve maximum results. The formulation will not break down once mixed. The composition remains intact for the life of the cell which is one year.

The specially coated material acts like a non-return valve allowing water to flow into it but not out. Made from heavy duty nylon-type material, it is extremely strong and guaranteed not to break under hazardous circumstances. Metallic -woven feed and pull line also acts as a safety earth wire to ensure no static occurs and that Aqua-Zorb is safe and secure in your tank.

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How it works

Aqua-Zorb water free cell has been specially formulated to separate water from fuels. The cells come in various sizes and work by absorbing the water at source i.e. in the fuel tank. Each cell comes with an anti-static retrieval line and easy to follow instructions.


Watch our tutorial video here.


Absorption Guide


the 14 inch cell

For use in mobile and static machinery

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the 32 inch cell

For use in domestic and commercial storage tanks

other siZes AVAILABLE