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Separator loses its water seal

Manually (if possible) check the bowl is closing and opening correctly. If not, check the bowl opening water supply and bowl seals. 

Separator bowl not closing

Check for scale build up in operating water passages. Also ensure operating water is getting to the separator.

Separator Oil flow is down

Check the oil operating temperature is correct and flow to the separator is correct. Check the inline filter is not blocked.  

Separator Vibrates

Stop the separator and check the bowl has been correctly assembled and clean sludge deposits out the bowl. 

Separator speed down

Release Brake. Clutch pads worn or contaminated and may need changing. Bowl is open or leaking. Check bowl.

Separator Noise

Check gearbox oil is correct level. Check gear box for damage. Check Separator spindle height is correct, especially after servicing

HFO Brazed heater blocked

Cleaning is nearly impossible. Just order a new one. Normal working life is around 3 years. 

Plate heater is Leaking

Check the tightening dimension in the heaters manual/spec sheet. Tighten evenly, do not over tighten. Order a set of gaskets

I have cracked plate

You will have to remove the cracked plate and one other.  Re-tighten to the new tightening dimension.

If in doubt please call our help line or email your symptoms and we will do our best to help you. It's sometimes the simple things that catch us out.
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